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EZ Suite - latest automation additions

Every new feature added to EZ Suite tools is enabled for automation.

See the list below for the latest additions in automation for each release.

New automations for grid features and others that are not specific to EZ Suite can be found on this page.

EZ Suite 20.2.1 - February 2024

New tag to load content from Notes views and folders in any grid to enrich it: <ImportViewInGrid>.

EZ Suite 20.1.4 - December 14 2022

Run the User Activity Analyzer in databaseEZ from replicationEZ with </UserActivity>.

EZ Suite 20.1.2 - October 26 2022

Read/Write from Notes.ini (GetEnv/SetEnv).

Apply 'Database Selection Filters'  on the database tree with SelectionInclude and SelectionExclude.

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