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Release Notes

See the list below for the latest additions in automation for grid features and other features that are not product specific.

Added April 2024

New tag to trigger error processing and throw an exception: SetError. 

New variable Lastwarning, and tags to remove the last warning or error from the environment: ClearLastError, ClearLastWarning

New tag to create a list of variables from a formula instead of a column IDs: SetVarListFromSelection. 

New tag to create a list of variables from a string instead of a file: SetVarListFromString. 

New tags to add or remove an entry to and from each element in a list: AddEntryRemoveEntryMerge

Added March 2024

New tag to trigger error processing (throw an exception): SetError.

New parameter to enforce case sensitivity on Select and SelectFromList: CaseSensitive.

New tag to create lists of variables from unique values in the grid column: SetVarListFromGridColumns.

Added February 2024

New tag to import list into grid: <ImportListInGrid>.

Creating an empty list with "ListGlobal" is now permitted.

Parameter “Target” of <UserInput> can be used for multiple targets using semi colons when adding Events.

Added November 2023

New tag to define a block of actions: <function name="F1">.

New "OnErrorAction" attribute is available for all action tags. It has options: Skip, Warning, and Error.

Parameter "AutoClose" is available for "If" tag used with parameter "Target=Question" in order to trigger the OK button in a User question.

Added August 2023

Tag to close a frame (sub-module): <SetKeepAlive value="false"/>.

Parameter for <GridDataComposition> to freeze the exact column instead of just the column at a given position: <SetFrozenColumn ColumnID ='preferredLanguage' />.

Execution hierarchy and order set for OnError, OnExit and job error management: 1) ExecuteVar, 2) Execute, 3) MsgBox.

Parameter to set the PrimaryKey of the grid selection with <SetVarListFromGridSelection/> and to use with <Select>: $PK$.

Parameter for <SetVarListFromGridSelection/> to add the ability to "auto explode" multi values: ExplodeColumnID.

Mode for Export to quickly append a row without matching the column header of the grid to the column header of the target file: <SetParam field="Mode" value="AppendRowsBlind"/>.

Added March 20 2023

Automation attribute to "end" the automation without closing the dialog: <KeepAlive="ThisAndStop">

Automation GetEnv/SetEnv and GetReg/SetReg to read/write Windows Registry items.

Parameter Unique="true" in <copy> to only get the Unique attribute in <SetVarListFromGridSelection/>.

New Variable in UserInput to enter a username: <Variable Type='Username'/>

Attribute "waitinfo" for a wait panel when using the TextFieldSelectExt.hbs in HTML forms. 

New Variable type in UserInput to execute or launch another automation Job.

Attribute "AutoClose" for MsgBox with various parameters.

Automations for views: "MakeLiveView" allows you to store existing sorting, grouping and filtering while "ApplyLiveView" lets you restore the grid state by removing existing sorting, groupings and filters.

New Variable {%LastError%} which contains the last error raised during the current job or script run (warnings are not set in this variable). 

Automation to trigger another script or message box when the main script ends:  <OnExit executeVar="MyVar"> 

Automation to trigger another script or message box when there's an error:  <OnError executeVar="MyVar"/>

Modes "IsIn" and "IsNotIn" for the "IF" automation.

Added October 26 2022

Tag to show or hide filtered and hidden rows.

Read or write to the registry (SetReg and GetReg).

Terminate automation without closing the dialog using KeepAlive="ThisAndStop"

Added September 29 2022

Combine two lists.

Tag to read the content of a file and put it in a Var.

New conditions for SetVarListFromGridSelection where mode = text: isInString/isNotInStringstring, IsIn/isNotIn conditions.

Tag to copy an existing list to another one. 

Automation "SetvarListFromFile" where the user will provide a path to a file (CSV or Excel), and it creates a List of SetVar for each column index provided in the file. 

Tag to apply an existing View. 

Reserved, system variable name for LOCALAPPDATA: "FolderLocalAppData". 

Create a variable list of raw values from grid selection using new "SetVarListFromGridSelection" attribute:  RawFormat = "true". 

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