See the list below for the latest additions in automation for grid features and other features that are not product specific.

Added October 26 2022

Tag to show or hide filtered and hidden rows.

Read or write to the registry (SetReg and GetReg).

Terminate automation without closing the dialog using KeepAlive="ThisAndStop". 

Added September 29 2022

Combine two lists.

Tag to read the content of a file and put it in a Var.

New conditions for SetVarListFromGridSelection where mode = text: isInString/isNotInStringstring, IsIn/isNotIn conditions.

Tag to copy an existing list to another one. 

Automation "SetvarListFromFile" where the user will provide a path to a file (CSV or Excel), and it creates a List of SetVar for each column index provided in the file. 

Tag to apply an existing View. 

Reserved, system variable name for LOCALAPPDATA: "FolderLocalAppData". 

Create a variable list of raw values from grid selection using new "SetVarListFromGridSelection" attribute:  RawFormat = "true".