Every new feature added to sapio365 is enabled for automation.

See the list below for the latest additions in automation for each release.

New automations for grid features and others that are not specific to sapio365 can be found on this page.

sapio365 2.1.9

Tag to copy Mailbox Permissions: <SelectedPermissionCopy>. 

Parameter 'MailboxType' for mailbox type in <ImportUsers>

Tag for copying or moving email messages to multiple folders:  <SelectedMessageMove To="/folder/subfolder;/otherfolder"/>. 

Tag to temporarily change page size value in automation: <SetGraphPageSize value="xxx"/>. 

Automation attribute to "end" the automation without closing the dialog: <KeepAlive="ThisAndStop">. 

Parameter for 'Load all channels' option when loading Team channels: <SelectedShowChannels allChannels='true' /> 

Automation for loading channels files: <SelectedShowDriveItemsChannels/>. 

More variables for selecting on-prem users and groups:  OneOnPremUserSelection, OneOnPremGroupSelection, MultiOnPremUserSelection and MultiOnPremGroupSelection. 

Automation GetEnv/SetEnv and GetReg/SetReg to read/write Windows Registry items. 

Tag to temporarily change timeout value in automation: <SetHttpTimeoutSeconds value="{#seconds}"/>. 

Several automations to manage access rights and delegates in the Mailbox Permissions module. 

Tag to show/hide filtered and hidden rows: <ViewAllRows/>. 

Parameter Unique="true" in <copy> to only get the Unique attribute in <SetVarListFromGridSelection/>. 

Tag to create a list of available views for a given module:  <GetViewList ListName="UserViews" ModuleName="Users"/>.

New Variable in UserInput to enter a username: <Variable Type='Username'/> 

Attribute "wait_info" for a wait panel when using the TextFieldSelectExt.hbs in HTML forms. 

New Variable type in UserInput to execute or launch another automation Job. 

Attribute "AutoClose" for MsgBox with various parameters. 

Tag for reloading a selection of on-premises users or groups: <ReloadOnPremSelected/>. 

Automations for views: "MakeLiveView" allows you to store existing sorting, grouping and filtering while "ApplyLiveView" lets you restore the grid state by removing existing sorting, groupings and filters. 

Parameters for tags that "LoadDirectory" to load a list of colon-separated IDs: "LoadUserIds" and "LoadGroupIds". 

Option for Forms to reset dialog fields: "onReset".  

New Variable {%LastError%} which contains the last error raised during the current job or script run (warnings are not set in this variable). 

Automation to trigger another script or message box when the main script ends:  <OnExit executeVar="MyVar">  

Automation to trigger another script or message box when there's an error:  <OnError executeVar="MyVar"/> 

Modes "IsIn" and "IsNotIn" for the "IF" automation.  

Parameter "UseIPPS" for automation to connect to a PowerShell IPPS Session. 

Parameter to handle mailbox type in <ImportUsers>:  "MailboxType". 

New icons available for Msgbox.

sapio365 2.1.8

Automation for "Add/Remove" entries in Session Tab. 

Tag for Users/Groups "Sync cloud/on-premises" feature.