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Roles and administrators


From the main sapio365 window, the Roles & Administrators module retrieves available Microsoft 365 administrator roles (or Azure AD directory roles) in the tenant, both activated and deactivated.

Listed are users, guests, groups and service principals that have been assigned to each role.


1 - Assign admin roles

Assign Roles: Select roles in the grid to assign those roles to users or groups you choose from the directory.

  1. See your selected roles

  2. Load the full directory

  3. Use filters to narrow down your search

  4. Add selected from the list, then click OK.


2 - Remove admin roles

Remove Roles: Select users or groups in the grid with a role to remove that role from them. A trash can icon will be added in their status column.

Once you click on Save, you’ll be asked if you’re sure about removing these entries.

3 - Retrieve users' information, group memberships and licenses

If you want to know more about selected users or groups with admin roles, use the buttons in the ‘User Management’ or “Group Management” sections respectfully.

  • User Details: see users and update their properties, navigate to their mailbox or OneDrive, etc.

  • Group Membership: see what groups users belong to and manage their memberships.

  • Licenses: see users' assigned licenses and service plans, and manage them.

  • Group Details: see and update group properties, navigate to group content, etc.

  • Members: list groups' members and owners, and manage them.

  • Owners: list groups' owners and manage them.


4 - Execute ready-to-run reports

Go to the Job Center on the left to run some reports.

Some of these jobs can be scheduled from the main window’s ALL JOBS section.


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