The Roles & Administrators module in sapio365 retrieves available Microsoft 365 administrator roles (or Azure AD directory roles) in the tenant, both activated and deactivated.

1 - Assign or remove users

  • Assign Roles: Select roles in the grid to assign them to users you choose from the directory.

  • Remove Roles: Select users under a role to remove those roles from them.

2 - Retrieve users' information, group memberships and licenses

If you want to know more about selected users with admin roles, use the buttons in the ‘User Management’ section.

  • User Details: see and update their profile, mail settings, etc.

  • Group Membership: see what groups they belong to and manage their memberships.

  • Licenses: see and manage their licenses and services.

3 - Execute ready-to-run reports

Go to the Job Center on the left to run some reports.

Some of these jobs can be scheduled from the main window’s ALL JOBS section.