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Manage calendar events and attachments

From Users window, select mailboxes and retrieve their calendar events by clicking on the 'Events' button.

Event loading options

You can choose a specific date range, or criteria to speed things along. You can also choose to load more information using options.

The more information you choose to load, the longer it may take to load your data.



Calendar View

This option will load events as listed in Outlook, including individual events part of a recurrent series within a date/time range that you specify.

Get events created within

Load all calendar events or only those that were created during the last hour, day , week or month. Or, get all events created since a specific date (inclusively).

Enabled when Calendar View is false.

Use advanced filter

Load events based on their properties. Ex. Attachments = True.

Body preview

Add event content in the grid under 'Preview' column.

Body content

Include body content properties and allow preview in the event viewer using the ‘Preview Body’ button.

Limit the number of events

Load only a maximum number of recently created events.

Manage calendar events

Once loaded, events can be analyzed with sapio365 grid tools, or they can be edited or deleted.

If in Calendar View, edition or deletion of recurrent events applies only to select instances. To manage the Master series, you use the button at the top right (#6 in image below).




Change Options

Change event loading options. You cannot change the Calendar View option.


Preview Body

Event viewer for one event at a time. You can go to previous or to next event listed in the grid.

Button is enabled when ‘Body Content’ is included in loading options.



Edit selected events' properties.



Delete selected events. If you are deleting an event in the organizer’s calendar, a cancellation email will be sent to participants.


Load Attachment Info

Add attachment data to the grid, including inline attachments, in order to manage attachments.


Series master event details

Retrieve the master series of the selected calendar events.

Button is enabled if selected event is part of a series only.

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