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The signEZ Main Screen

In the main screen you can Sign or Audit (this depends on your selection in the Settings tab) your selected database design elements.


When launched from the Ytria Toolbar, signEZ will load with currently open Notes database or the one highlighted in your Workspace. If you launch signEZ without a highlighted or open database or launch by double-clicking its .exe file it will load the database indicated in the notes.ini file (YtriaLastOpenDatabasePath and YtriaLastOpenServerName). The name and path of the active database in signEZ is shown at the top of the Design Elements tab.


You can use the Filter option to get a more specific list of design elements in the tree view.



  • Open database...
    To open a different database
  • Open current signEZ database
    Open the signEZ database in which stores your settings, audit and signature logs, IDs.
  • Refresh
    This updates the diplay of the currently loaded database.
  • Open Current signEZ database
    This will take you to your current signEZ database in Lotus Notes.
  • Link to another signEZ database
    Link your database to a signEZ database different from the current one. When you select this option, signEZ will display the 'Select a signEZ Database' dialog pictured below.

  • Themes
    This takes you to a submenu where you can change signEZ's 'skin.' There's also a command here to reset to the default theme setting. This option is found in all of Ytria's tools, you can read more about it here.
  • Favorite Databases
    This feature lets you keep a list of favorite databases. Databases added to this list will be shared with any other database-level Ytria products. Click here to read more about this feature.
  • Exit
    Quit signEZ


You can create more than one signEZ database.


  • Display Signed design elements only
    Do not display unsigned design elements. This option allows for the fastest read times.
  • Display all design elements (signed and not signed)
    When this option is selected, signEZ's tree will show all design elements, regardless of their signature status. Enabling this option may slow down read times.

  • Process unsigned elements
    This option is only available if you checked the Display All Design Elements option.
    Click this option to force the signing or the auditing of unsigned elements. The Display All Design Elements option shows unsigned designs, but does not allow you to audit or sign them unless you also enable the Process unsigned elements option.

  • Automatically Enable Agents in Database
    When this option is selected, any agents that you sign will also be enabled with the signature you use.

  • Load Signatures
    When this option is enabled, signEZ will load the design element signatures for selection under the Settings tab field named Do not resign the following signatures. (Having the Load Signatures setting enabled may adversely affect performance when loading because each design element needs to be opened to read the signatures.)
  • Customize Design Element Display
    This opens a submenu which offers a number of ways to display design element information in signEZ.

  • Include ACL Note in Design Element List
    When enabled, this option will display the ACL note in the design element list under the "Others" category. This option is disable by default.
    Note: This option was introduced in signEZ version 8.0.2. In earlier versions of signEZ, the ACL Note was automatically included if you selected all design elements. No matter what version of signEZ you're using, proper access is required if you wish to sign the ACL note.


  • See the Help menu page for more information.

Remember my settings

When you check the option "Remember my settings", all your actions (audit and/or signature processes) are stored in the signEZ database as BATCH documents. These documents can be very useful to perform an audit or a signature with no need to set all the settings.
See the Remember my settings section of this help document for more information.


You can simultaneously launch several sessions of signEZ.

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