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The aclEZ Main Screen

The left-hand panel of the main screen is called Databases, and from here you use checkboxes to select the databases you'd like to work with.
Once a selection is made, any ACL information will appear in the ACL Entries section (situated, by default, on the upper right-hand side of aclEZ). The ACL Entries pane uses the grid interface. You'll find five tabbed panels in the lower right-hand side of the main screen: Output, Attributes, Roles, Global ACL Properties and ACL Entry Presence.

Menu options


  • Open Server (Ctrl+O): Choose the server that you'd like to work on. You must pick a server before you begin using aclEZ.
  • Apply Changes (Ctrl+S): Changes you make in aclEZ will be marked with a 'pencil' icon, but they won't actually be enacted until you choose Apply Changes.
  • Export: Use this function to generate a text or HTML report based on your server's ACL information.
  • Save Database Selection: This option will save the current selection of databases in the Database panel to a Ytria XML file for future use.
  • Save ACL Entry Selection: This option will save both the current selection of databases in the Database panel and any ACL entries selected in the grid to a Ytria XML file for future use.
  • Load Saved Selection: This allows you to load a Ytria XML file to restore a saved selection.
  • Themes: All Ytria tools allow you to change their theme or "skin." Read more about this feature here.
  • Favorite Servers: This feature lets you keep a list of favorite servers. Servers added to this list will be shared between aclEZ and agentEZ (if you have both products installed). Click here to read more about this feature.
  • Group Navigator: aclEZ offers a NAB Group explore feature, read about it here.
  • Exit: Quit aclEZ.




  • Read database immediately upon selection/Read database only when 'Apply' button is clicked: These options let you choose whether to automatically load detailed ACL information or wait until a database selection filter has been activated.
  • Databases: These options allow you to choose how the Databases panel will list files.
    1. Show Title (e.g: Demo1's Address Book)
    2. Show File Name (eg: names.nsf)
    3. Show Title - File (e.g: Demo1's Address Book -- names.nsf)
    4. Show File - Title (e.g: names.nsf -- Demo1's Address Book)

  • Group Expander: From here you can choose to display all group members in the ACL Entries pane. Group members are displayed with a pink background. See the ACL Entries pane page for more information.


  • Ytria aclEZ shares the same Help menu options as our other tools. See the Help menu page for more information.
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